The Brand Bar is an online membership experience that teaches bloggers and creative business owners how to design and build their own website, create their own unique brand identity and create their own marketing resources using tools of the trade :: Photoshop, InDesign + Squarespace. We also show you how to use these tools as well! 

Plus you also get access to over 200+ professionally designed 'done-for-you' Photoshop and InDesign templates for you to plug-n-play - no more wasting hours designing from scratch! Yep, we're totally giving you all the shortcuts!


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The Brand Bar is a design-based membership site that meets you exactly where you are in business.
We help you design, create and build a brand, PLUS all the marketing graphics that go along with it,
so, it feels more like you!




::  Are you struggling to find time to design your own graphics and marketing materials for your business that truly reflects your brand?

::  Do you have brand shame? Does your website feel like a hot mess or is pretty much non-existent right now?

::  Or perhaps you're tired of the endless search to find a designer that can 'do-it-all' for you only to find that it's way out of your budget?


YES! I totally understand exactly where you're aT!


With over 15 years commercial digital design experience, and a well trained eye for upmarket style, I am a high end designer and brand strategist who charges premium prices for personalised branding suites (and marketing strategy packages) for my private 1:1 clients.

I know that hiring me (or any quality designer) one-on-one is often out of reach for the budget conscious entrepreneur, and with the time constraints this style of work brings, it simply means that I can't help everyone - which breaks my heart as I do LOVE to help as many people as I can! This is why I created The Brand Bar - to give you super affordable access to high end beautiful templates and up-to-the-minute 'know how' so you can build your own gorgeous brand and marketing assets - with me right by your side!


is a community that's supportive, full of fresh ideas and inspiration,
and here to help you master your branding and graphics game!


Graphic design, branding and creating marketing materials...
it can be all so overwhelming!

When you made the bold decision to start your own business, you didn't think you'd be spending sooo much time sourcing and creating graphics for you biz!

I certainly know creating your brand and design visuals for your website, social media profiles and other marketing needs has become a BIG time suck for you! Time you’d prefer to use working with new clients, living life, and spending days with your loved ones!

You're becoming busier by the day and it's time to start

Work Smarter.png

I'm here to help you get out of your branding rut and show you how to create marketing materials like no other!
(I've even created a tonne of designs and step-by-step lessons so all you need to do is plug-and-play!)



When you join the members club, you get more free time to put your focus back where it belongs – your own business, your own clients and your own life.



*You'll be charged $37 USD now and $37 USD on this day each month you're subscribed.

*You'll be charged $199 USD now and will receive 12 months of lessons and support without being charged again for a year!  
^ SAVE OVER 55% ^


You'll be prompted to create your account first, then you'll be able to enter your payment details.  
By purchasing at the current price you'll get access to this price for the lifetime of your membership! 
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The Brand Bar is my solution to give you
affordable access to professional quality design
you can master for yourself.




By joining the The Brand Bar you'll stop wasting your time trying to figure it all out yourself,
and you'll learn the tricks of the trade from experts who know!
(Plus you'll get access to hundreds of pre-designed time-saving Photoshop, 
 & InDesign templates at your fingertips to use right away!) #SCORE!!

I know there are so many moving parts to
running a business and being online,
The Brand Bar has been designed
to help ease your design & brand burden.



Just what you need,
when you need it.


The Brand Bar is an online membership community that provides all the design help an ambitious business owner like YOU needs. 

Including eCourses, trainings and lessons to create your graphics and visual assets with step-by-step guidance
- no matter what stage you're at in business!


With The Brand Bar, you’ll get the
3 core things every online entrepreneur needs...


By experts in their field

That's right! I've sourced the very best experts (including myself) to teach you everything we know! And this library of experts grows every month! Scroll down to read more about who they are and exactly how they can help you! 

There's everything from how to build your own website using Squarespace, to how to create an eBook using InDesign, and video lessons on exactly how to edit all the templates you get included in your membership! No more guesswork!


DONE-FOR-YOU templates IN photoshop
& indesign

YESSS! We have templates galore to save you a stack of time! There's everything from eBook Templates, Social Media graphics, worksheet templates, recipe templates, eCourse templates, marketing promo templates and so much more! 

PLUS, every month there's a new design pack bought out too! If you're after something specific make your request and we'll add it into our schedule for you.

We make sure you've got all the design tools you need for your business!


ADVICE, FEEDBACK & HELP In our private

No matter what you need to learn to grow your business, you’ve got us at your fingertips. 

Plus we share a lot of 'behind-the-scenes' in our own businesses where you’ll have tons of up-to-date guidance, personalized feedback, and inspiration for what to do next with your business. 

We’re SO excited to get to know you and your business better! All you’ve gotta do is join The Brand Bar.

With a wide range of members from all industries, The Brand Bar is already full of other awesome online entrepreneurs who love to collaborate and help one another whenever possible. x



(Here’s a small taste of what you’ll get (and learn!)


INDESIGN - Learn InDesign the easy way! In under 40m infact! I'll show you the 5 KEY steps you need to get started with InDesign today! 

And, once you've done that we'll work through creating lots of items together, think: ... eBooks, eGuides, workbooks, printables, templates, sales and promo materials, media kits, webinar slides, website banners and lots more! Trust me, once you learn InDesign it'll be your goto for just about everything you create for your business!

~ With Sallyann Ralph

SQUARESPACE - Build your website using Squarespace. A branding & blogging eCourse for creative biz owners who are tech-shabby.

Do you wish that designing and building your own kick-ass website could be easy? With Squarespace eCourse "Brand, Build, Blog" - it is!

If you need a website, but don't have the budget to hire it out, this eCourse will walk you through creating your own brand, blog and beautiful website, step-by-step, even if you aren't "techie". 

~ With Ashley Srokosz


As a graphic designer, Etsy Creator, Creative Market designer and online business owner, I know Photoshop is one of the key graphic design platforms to learn.

I've used Photoshop every single day (for the past 15 years) and it’s been a big part of building my business and growing my online presence. 

I also know Photoshop can feel a little daunting when you first get into it, especially with so many tools, palettes, and buttons staring back at you! I also know it’s easy to miss key time-saving steps and simple short-cuts to achieve exactly what you’re trying to create.

My Photoshop eCourse will help you learn to use Photoshop quickly and efficiently, and weed out all the extra stuff that I know you’ll never use.

~ With Sallyann Ralph


I'll show you how to utilize your best marketing assert, email marketing. If you've not got yours working for your biz right now, then this training will be for you! I'll show you how to set everything up correctly, and WHY you need to be using it! I'll even point you in the right direction with content too. I know coming up with content is one of the biggest things that puts people off, but once I show you how to put it all together, you'll wonder why you've not been using it sooner! Trust me - email marketing beats social media - hands down!

PLUS, I've got an extra special bonus for those who want to know how to put together a sales funnel and create sales on autopilot.

~ With Sallyann Ralph

Are you ready for a Brand update? Or perhaps you've not completely developed your brand but really want to! I have a whole stack of new trainings on how to identify what your brand should be (instead of staying stuck). I'll also teach you how to pull it all together, with time-saving templates and guides!

PLUS... a range of
short lessons including:


Need a website, but don't have the budget to hire it out? This course will walk you through creating your own beautiful website, step-by-step, even if you aren't "techie".

This training will help you build a 'coming soon' page and capture email addresses! This lesson will help you capture leads so you have an audience to launch to when your 'doors open'!

Whatever it is you want to know, I’ve got you covered... Each month (and on request), I’ll release ‘how to’ training videos on topics that you want to learn and know about.

Do you need to create a new brand, or perhaps you want to update your existing brand? I'll show you how to do that, even if you've got no-idea where to start or what style you want!

Once you've got your new brand nailed, I'll show you how to create the perfect logo design to match. I cover logo design basics so your logo mark is eye-catching and on trend!

Each masterclass features guest experts walking you through easy-to-implement strategies for you to take action on and use straight away. 'Mindset & Money' ~ Jessica Giles (BONUS Valued at $147)

Learn how to create professional eBooks with my how-to video lessons. I'll show you how to optimize your eBook for lead-generation and how to wow your audience by adding value!

Once you’ve got your products & services in place, it’s time to automate with funnels! I’ll show you the easiest way to do this so you can start taking names & making moo-lah on autopilot.

... And as a Member, you’ll get a say in what new template designs are released and what tech training's you want to learn about. Yes, it’s all about YOU and what you need in business.


Inside The Brand Bar you'll learn step-by-step how to master your technical frustrations and build a stunning website (using the Squarespace platform). And, I'll show you how to make design magic (yes, all by yourself) without ever needing to rely on, or hire a graphic designer again! 

• If you want to design & make live a 'coming soon' page - I've got you covered.
• Want to update your old website or even start afresh and build a new one - yes, I'll totally teach you how to do this too!
• Do you want to learn how to turn a document into a fill-a-ble PDF file - yep, I'll show you how to do this as well!


And tons more…
but I don’t wanna overwhelm you!


*You'll be charged $37 USD now and $37 USD on this day each month you're subscribed.

*You'll be charged $199 USD now and will receive 12 months of lessons and support without being charged again for a year!  
^ SAVE OVER 55% ^


You'll be prompted to create your account first, then you'll be able to
enter your payment details. 
All prices stated are in USD


By purchasing at the current price
you'll get access to this early-access price for the lifetime of your membership!


There's no need to spend thousands on a designer when we've got the go-to experts helping you every step of the way!


the creator / girl behind
The Brand Bar &
Little Sweet Designs…

I’m here to show you how to design and create BEAUTIFUL graphics for your biz.

My Ultimate goal with The Brand Bar is to always provide you with access to helpful and amazing eCourses, done-for-you templates and 'how-to' video lessons around all things graphics related, for a flat affordable monthly fee.

I know from personal experience how hard it can be at times getting your business, built and out of the gates. I know how expensive that whole process can be, and that's why I'm on a mission to make The Brand Bar an awesome hub for female business owners to learn the 'how-to' all under the one roof, at an extremely affordable price!

Why am I doing this?

Because I've been in your shoes and I don't want you to get stuck, I don't want you wasting thousands of dollars on a web-developer (like I did), or a brand designer, or on a single eCourse to help you achieve only ONE thing! I know you've got the smarts to do this with us Inside the Brand Bar, and my guest experts, guest contributors and myself are going to teach you how - step-by-step - we're right here with you every step of the way cheering you on and helping you acheive your vision!


I'm pleased you asked!

Let me introduce the awesome ladies who are dedicating their eCourses and their time to help you with your mission!

Meet Ashley.png

Ashley Srokosz is the creator of the eCourse 'Brand, Build, Blog' and she's joined us in The Brand Bar to help you create and build a kick-ass website using Squarespace! 

She's not only teaching you the techy 'how to' knowledge bombs of Squarespace, BUT she's also helping you drill down even further and understand who you're building your website for (aka - your ideal client, and knowing what they look like and who they are!). Ashley also helps you identify and nail down your brand (think: fonts, logo, colours, brand board, social media graphics, etc) along with setting up and building an eCommerce store (if you sell products), how to blog effectively and efficiently, AND how to set your business up for a growth blast off (whoa, this is a BIG ONE!)!  There is soooo much goodness packed into this course!! 


Ashley's jam-packed 7 module eCourse is NOW available in The Brand Bar! And I am stoked that Ashley is here to help you create and build your own website! With Ashley by your side, building and creating your digital home is easy AND fun!


There's no need to spend thousands on a web designer when we've got the go-to experts in The Brand Bar helping us through it every step of the way!

Plus more contributors added soon.png


You can rest easy knowing you'll be saving yourself a stack of time and money using The Brand Bar's pre-designed 'done-for-you' templates, and learning from those who know.

I want to see you and your business shine!

Think of The Brand Bar as your online business cheerleaders of design, branding, graphics and techy 'how to'. We're here to take the headache out of it all because we know you're totally ready for it, and you and I both know you totally deserve it! #LetsDoThis


"Why spend hours designing your own graphics, when Sallyann's created a whole range of pre-designed templates for you to simply
'plug and play'!"



Here's a sneak peek at some of the
templates you'll have immediate access
to inside The Brand Bar!


Plus many more!

Infact we have over 200+ templates for you to choose from in
InDesign and Photoshop and we add more template packs every month!

Templates like: social media square's, marketing promo materials,
website banners, eBook designs, branding board mock ups, Facebook timeline covers, worksheets, checklists, printables, desktop calendars, newsletter banners and so much more! ... Templates to make your job of looking visually
'on brand' soooo much easier!

PLUS did I mention that you also get a say in what new designs we bring out each and every month. So if you need a new workbook for your business, simply let us know and (based on members votes) we’ll get it done for you! It’s (almost) like having your own personal designer on tap
(without the designer price tag!). #SoGood!



Pay for a monthly or annual plan.
(You receive two free months with an annual plan.) 


Once signed up, you'll get instant access to all eCourses, trainings, templates and private community.


Be welcomed into The Brand Bar, introduce yourself to the community and start connecting, learning and building your new brand, graphics and website! 

Ready to get started.png

*You'll be charged $37 USD now and $37 USD on this day each month you're subscribed.

*You'll be charged $199 USD now and will receive 12 months of lessons and support without being charged again for a year!  
^ SAVE OVER 55% ^


You'll be prompted to create your account first, then you'll be able to
enter your payment details. 
All prices stated are in USD


By purchasing at the current price
you'll get access to this early-access price for the lifetime of your membership!




There's things like: 
Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator templates for you to use,
PDF Worksheets, printables & other goodies in there
absolutely FREE of charge!

Request your free access below, download them and take them for a test drive
and you'll see just how easy it is to use my templates, customize the text on my editable files,
change the colors and add your own images to make them your own! 


This is my gift to YOU for joining me here.
Sign up above to get instant access to all my goodies.


Here’s just a couple of things included in
my free creative library…

... color palette template, mood board template, brand board template, pinterest blog title template, social media planner printable, monthly statistics planner & tracker, free video lessons in Squarespace & Photoshop, ... and I'm always adding to this libraby regulalry.


You're welcome!

P.S. Remember, templates isn't all you get when you join The Brand Bar Membership - you also get access to amazing eCourses and training's to discover your design style and brand, you'll learn how to build your website that attracts your ideal client like fireflies, and create eBooks and marketing materials galore with your unique personal style at the helm - it's jam-packed with goodness!





From clients and customers who've downloaded my pre-designed templates, used my 1:1 personal design services, and those who are currently working their way through The Brand Bar's eCourses and content, these women have put my designs, branding & design advice along with my guest contributors advice into practice themselves!

And yes, most of them are current members of
The Brand Bar!

Read them for yourself:


Click through below to read more of what my happy clients have to say!
Just incase you need more proof that I'm the real deal! ...


I've been stuck before - and it's not a fun place to be!  I don't want you wasting thousands of dollars on a web-developer (like I did), or a brand designer, or on a single eCourse to help you achieve only ONE thing! 
It's my mission inside The Brand Bar to always provide you with access to helpful and amazing eCourses, done-for-you templates and 'how-to' video lessons around all things graphics related, for an extremely affordable price!
Let's move your business forward without the high-ticket price tag! 


It's currently $16.60 USD per month when you purchase annually, or $37 USD per month when you pay-by-the-month.
But jump on these prices - Membership prices can increase without warning.

By purchasing at the current price you'll get access to this price for the lifetime of your membership!
You'll get this price for the lifetime of your membership regardless of future price increases. #TotalScore!


Yes, you can. Infact, we prefer you to pay annually and reward you by giving you
 55% OFF) for doing so!
But we do have other membership options as well - you can also choose to pay monthly, depending on your needs.


Yes, you can. While I'd hate to see you go, I also understand that life's needs change.
You can cancel your membership within the membership dashboard anytime you like.
Your membership term will expire immediately. 


Once you join The Brand Bar, refunds are not issued since the content is accessible instantly.
You can try us out by getting access to our FREE Creative Library before you join to make sure you like the way we work.
I've been told my templates, video lessons and eCourses' inside The Brand Bar are the most user-friendly by far!


All the pre-designed templates (in Photoshop, InDesign + Canva) have been
designed with photographers, bloggers and creatives in mind.
We've got health bloggers, wedding dress designers, eCourse creators, photographers, 

holistic biz coaches and all other types of industries already inside The Brand Bar!

You do not have to be a photographer or blogger to join The Brand Bar.
All the branding, graphic design, eCourses and other lessons inside the Brand Bar
will certainly apply to any creative industry.



I created The Brand Bar because I wanted to create a TON of value at a price point that even someone who is a total newby could easily afford.

It's my mission in life to bring to you the best possible trainings at an
affordable price! And when you've learnt what you need, simply
unsubscribe - IT'S. THAT. SIMPLE. No strings attached. x


"Can I Afford It?"

Let's get real for a moment: you can get everything you need to build a stunning DIY brand, website and marketing assets yourself, PLUS a designful and supportive community for less than the cost of….

  • Your monthly pedicure (seriously)
  • Your coffee habits (I know, they're hard to break)
  • Your chocolate addiction (yep, me too! I'm working on it!)
  • Your Friday night take-away meal (without drinks... ) 

The list goes on and on. 

Let's put it into perspective - you can choose to spend your money on the same old, same old, and get the same old, same old results… OR you can choose to invest that money into your business, and take the necessary action to turn your business around (which equals: happiness, quality clients, money flow, freedom, and so much more! ... ) 



The Brand Bar is PERFECT for you if:

:: You're a creative entrepreneur and you want to get a better grasp on your brand visuals, marketing materials, brand identity and how to build your own website (using Squarespace).

:: You want to save time (and money) by using my pre-designed Photoshop, and InDesign templates! With over 200+ already in the design catalogue, and with more being added monthly! What's not to love about that!

:: You're starting out on your business journey (or are in the re-branding process) and have no clue where to start when it comes to your brand, or designing and building a new website for yourself. My experts and I are here to show you how, every step of the way!

:: You're currently trying to DIY your brand, graphics and website but something's just not right! I'll teach you how to tie your brand and visuals all together beautifully, plus I'll show you my time-saving tricks for batching your graphics so you're not at your computer for hours on end! #TimeSavingTricks

:: It's time for you to step up your visual game and get your website, welcome guides, other marketing materials and opt-in's completed, on brand and out into the stratosphere!

:: You need help when it comes to your graphics, brand and getting yourself online! And to get you started, join my FREE Resources Library and get access to stacks of free templates and lessons I've put together for you to 'try me out'. If you like what you see, come back and join us and the rest of the The Brand Bar tribe! We'd love to have you!

:: Oh, and did I mention that as a Member, you’ll get a say in what new template designs are released, what tech training's you want to learn about, and answers to any design, branding and tech related questions you have! Yep, it’s all about YOU and what YOU need in your business, inside The Brand Bar.



You're probably not such a great fit if:

:: You want someone to do it all for you.

:: You have no time or interest in creating or personalizing your own graphics and stepping up your brand game.

:: You really don't want to learn how to improve your branding or graphics, or save yourself time by using my 'done-for-you' templates.

:: You don't want to save yourself money by learning 'how' yourself!



Because if you don’t take action to change your life and business, your life and business won’t change. 

Come on in and join the members
who are already raving about The Brand Bar.


*You'll be charged $37 USD now and $37 USD on this day each month you're subscribed.

*You'll be charged $199 USD now and will receive 12 months of lessons and support without being charged again for a year!  
^ SAVE OVER 55% ^


You'll be prompted to create your account first, then you'll be able to
enter your payment details. 
All prices stated are in USD



The best part? When you’re learning in The Brand Bar, there are no deadlines, no “LIVE” course weeks to make yourself available for, and no “falling behind.” 


GOT questions?

Please get in touch with Sallyann at:


I'm always happy to help!

>>  Teaching entrepreneurs from all around the
world take their brand, visuals & marketing
assets to the next level!  <<



Designed with YOU in mind. xx