I design book covers
that sell.

Book Cover Design


Your book cover MUST have the WOW factor
to win readers attention.


Readers are only going to look at your book cover for an average of 2-3 seconds before deciding whether or not they are actually interested in picking up your book or not. This is a perfect opportunity for your book cover to do its job.

Catching your readers attention and selling more books is the name of the game, so that first impression your book cover has on a reader is important. It’s kind of like the first time you see a movie trailer…by the end of it, you’ve most likely already decided whether or not you’re actually interested in seeing the movie. The same applies here with your book cover, you want to gain their interest, and turn them into a reader.

Most people go wrong at this point, publishing books with just mediocre covers that aren’t too professional. Don’t be one of them.

Your book cover design provides your book with a MASSIVE opportunity to stand out on the shelf. So it’s important to get it right.

Getting your book out there in the real world successfully and selling is not some far fetched dream. If your taking the self-publishing route, you can do it just like a professional company would, if not better. Your book cover design is the first thing that will make readers pay attention to your book, so make sure it stops them in their tracks.

There are lots of books published both on and offline so it can be hard to get your book noticed if your not too familiar with what to do, this is where having a designer on your team comes in handy.

The first thing readers see is your book cover…so make it count.

You are are in 100% control of how much of an impact your book will have on your readers, starting with the book cover design. A good question to ask yourself is, “Would 1 person be interested in reading your book or will 1 million?”.




1. eBook Cover Design

Kindle Cover
Custom Cover Design
10 Day Delivery
2 Concepts to Start the Design Process
Unlimited Revisions


2. Print & eBook Cover Design

Paperback Cover (Front, Rear + Spine)
Kindle Cover (Cover Only)
Custom Cover Design
10 Day Delivery
2 Concepts to Start the Design Process
Unlimited Revisions


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