Brand, Build, Blog Now Available in The Brand Bar!

Build your website using Squarespace

with Ashley Srokosz

<< Do you wish that designing and building your own kick-ass website could be as easy as sending an e-mail (hint: it IS!)

The amazing Ashey Srokosz (Creator of eCourse 'Brand, Build, Blog') has joined us in The Brand Bar and she's here to help you create and build a kick-ass website using Squarespace! 

Brand, Build, Blog is a step-by-step program that shows you how to pick your ideal business and clients of your dreams, build a website that attracts them like bees to honey, and turn that website into a marketing machine where ideal clients find YOU (instead of the other way around).

A branding & blogging eCourse for creative biz owners who are tech-shabby.

Even if you’re a holistic nutritionist, health coach, blogger, or photographer, you can brand and build your dream digi-home, and Ashley's here to teach you how!


She's not only teaching you the techy 'how to' knowledge bombs of Squarespace, BUT she's also helping you drill down even further and understand who you're building your website for (aka - your ideal client, and knowing what they look like and who they are!). Ashley also helps you identify and nail down your brand (think: fonts, logo, colours, brand board, social media graphics, etc) along with setting up and building an eCommerce store (if you sell products), how to blog effectively and efficiently, AND how to set your business up for a growth blast off (whoa, this is a BIG ONE!)!  There is soooo much goodness packed into this course!! Go and get started NOW! 

With Ashley by your side, building and creating your digital home is easy AND fun!


Clever with Canva

with Nicholette von Reiche

Learn how to use Canva to create your biz graphics.

This AMAZING eCourse will get you started in Canva, help get you organised, get very clear, become clever with Canva and go pro using Canva!!

A smart course for female biz owners who want to hone their design skills, inspire their tribe and share their brand image with ease...

Clever with Canva eCourse now inside The Brand Bar!

There's no need to spend thousands on a designer when we've got the goto experts helping you every step of the way!


I've created this Brand Bar club space for YOU!
A space where we can build a brand and create a digital home that you fall head-over-heels in LOVE with! #NoMoreWebsiteShame

If you've created a super helpful course and would  like your it considered for inclusion inside The Brand BAr, drop me a line.

I’m all about helping you to create a "totally YOU" crush-worthy brand that doesn't cost you the earth! Plus y