High-end designer, marketing strategist and founder of
The Brand Bar.

With over eight years of experience in the online business world (and 15+ years in the commercial world), I’ve grown my own six figure business working behind-the-scenes for other six-figure entrepreneurs on their launches and showing them how to crush it online with cutting-edge marketing tactics and strategic design.

To date, I’ve created and designed hundreds of eBooks, worksheets and business resources for online entrepreneurs. But honestly? I think it’s pretty unfair that most entrepreneurs don’t have the budget to hire a pro UNTIL AFTER they’ve built their empire.

It’s true: Not everyone can afford to hire a personal 1:1 private designer (like me) to craft magic for them.

And that’s where The Brand Bar sashays in.

I know there are TONS of smart entrepreneurs out there cursing their cute MacBooks and threatening to tear their freshly-blown-out hair right out over their downloadables.

And me? Well, I don’t think any small business owner should have to kill themselves–or their budgets–to create killer downloadables.

I don’t believe you should have to struggle on alone, trying to piece everything together yourself!

My team of experts and I are dedicated to taking the stress out of creating your online business resources, showing you how to manage the workflow and implementation of these assets to streamline the strategy and grow your business without the overwhelm.  

And TBH, I haven’t seen ANYONE offering a dedicated template vault just for eBooks, workbooks cheat sheets, checklists and stacks more.



And people loooove The Brand Bar. Here’s proof:

I'm pleased you asked!

Let me introduce the awesome ladies who are dedicating their eCourses and their time to help you with your mission!

Meet Ashley.png

Ashley Srokosz is the creator of the eCourse 'Brand, Build, Blog' and she's joined us in The Brand Bar to help you create and build a kick-ass website using Squarespace! 

She's not only teaching you the techy 'how to' knowledge bombs of Squarespace, BUT she's also helping you drill down even further and understand who you're building your website for (aka - your ideal client, and knowing what they look like and who they are!). Ashley also helps you identify and nail down your brand (think: fonts, logo, colours, brand board, social media graphics, etc) along with setting up and building an eCommerce store (if you sell products), how to blog effectively and efficiently, AND how to set your business up for a growth blast off (whoa, this is a BIG ONE!)!  There is soooo much goodness packed into this course!! 


Ashley's jam-packed 7 module eCourse is NOW available in The Brand Bar! And I am stoked that Ashley is here to help you create and build your own website! With Ashley by your side, building and creating your digital home is easy AND fun!


There's no need to spend thousands on a web designer when we've got the go-to experts in The Brand Bar helping us through it every step of the way!

Plus more contributors added soon.png


You can rest easy knowing you'll be saving yourself a stack of time and money using The Brand Bar's pre-designed 'done-for-you' templates, and learning from those who know.

I want to see you and your business shine!

Think of The Brand Bar as your online business cheerleaders of design, branding, graphics and techy 'how to'. We're here to take the headache out of it all because we know you're totally ready for it, and you and I both know you totally deserve it! #LetsDoThis


"Why spend hours designing your own graphics, when Sallyann's created a whole range of pre-designed templates for you to simply
'plug and play'!"



Here's a sneak peek at some of the
templates you'll have immediate access
to inside The Brand Bar!


Plus many more!

Infact we have over 200+ templates for you to choose from in
InDesign and Photoshop and we add more template packs every month!

Templates like: social media square's, marketing promo materials,
website banners, eBook designs, branding board mock ups, Facebook timeline covers, worksheets, checklists, printables, desktop calendars, newsletter banners and so much more! ... Templates to make your job of looking visually
'on brand' soooo much easier!

PLUS did I mention that you also get a say in what new designs we bring out each and every month. So if you need a new workbook for your business, simply let us know and (based on members votes) we’ll get it done for you! It’s (almost) like having your own personal designer on tap
(without the designer price tag!). #SoGood!