Stop your search!
You've just found your designer to create you
an extremely good looking & eye-catching eBook!


You’ve written an eBook that means the world to you – and now, you’re (finally) ready to unveil it with the world.

Only problem? Your not too 'savvy' in the design creation department! You've tinkered with Canva, Adobe Pages, and other eBook creation platforms such as Beacon, and the end results are, well... lets just say "less than desirable!" - I know, design is just not your thing! And now, finishing off your eBook has turned into a massive struggle, instead of being the rush of excitement it should be!

You keep pushing through... "I'm so close" ... "It's just the design to go!" ... "It really shouldn't be this hard!?"  ... BUT what if this time, you didn’t have to go it alone? What if instead, you had an amazing designer and digital publishing expert by your side to create you a one-of-a-kind eBook design – from idea to design to finished product (aka: income) – without a hitch?



Stop trying to do it all yourself!
Instead, how about you stay in your zone
and leave the eBook Design to me?



I'm so pleased you've found yourself right here, on this very page. I might just be the answer you've been searching for?

Say hello to my, eBook Design Service – A custom, professional and polished design service for your eBook.


When you’re selling products online, professional eBook design isn’t just “nice-to-have” – it’s a must have! I know from my 8+ years industry experience when your eBook looks polished and professional, it boosts your credibility, keeps your brand cohesive and consistent, attracts truckloads of sign-ups (to your lead magnet), converts into sales (ka-ching), and draws lots of new clients and eyes on your product, AND it also amps up your brand recognition (... now who doesn't want that?)

Whether you’re struggling to create an eBook concept you love, or are simply 'over' wasting your precious time spent trying to figure out Canva (or Adobe Pages), and 'working on it' into the wee hours of the morning (and still hating the end result) - something's gotta change!

Why not put yourself ahead of the game with just one smart move...

WORK WITH A PRO (a.k.a., me)

Yes, working with me is the easiest way to create your amazing, heart-based eBook without all the overwhelm and design frustration.

I’m all about designing you an eBook that stands out from the crowd, oozes professionalism, and one that you are oh-so proud of, all while keeping the process fun and fuss-free, so you can get back to doting on your dream clients, managing your business like a boss and living your life, too.

In summary: Bring me into the mix and I’ll create you an eBook so it breeds income, impact and looks incredible in the process – and you can leave the worry, stress and overwhelm of designing your own past far behind. I'm here to help you to take your mind-blowing content to the very next level. My design will help launch your message out into the world - attract your ideal client by the truckloads, and look totally professional in the process (and look better than you ever possibly imagined!)

And did I mention, I only take on one client at a time - yep, just you!  You get my full attention when we work together on your eBook design!

Are you ready to turn your eBook into the star attraction without the stress + overwhelm?




What's Included?


You'll Receive...

A complete VIP design service where your words + content is transformed into a custom designed eBook so you can get back to lovin' up your clients and working on your business!



  • A complete one-of-a-kind eBook design, fully branded in your brand style, hyperlinked and provided to you in a ready-to-download PDF format.

  • eBook cover presented in an iPad and as an book graphic (both on a white background)

  • Up to five (5) premium stock images to use throughout your eBook design

  • Three (3) custom designed promotional graphics (promoting your new eBook) for you to simply share and promote via all your social channels! (If you need more than 3, i.e. for a Facebook advert, etc, I do have add-on options available - we can chat further about your additional needs during our Styled Skype call together).







01. Book Your Date

Choose a design week (below) and sign on the dotted line to begin my Branded eBook Design process.

02. Style Skype Session

Get clarity for your eBook vision, hand over your content to me, and it's then time for me to get to work.

03. Launch Your eBook

Within 14 days you'll have your eBook package ready to go live with and share your gifts with the world! Woo hoo!


Getting started...

: STEP ONE // Simply fill out the application form below and I'll be in touch with you to discuss your needs in more detail.

: STEP TWO // Pay your deposit of $297 (USD) which firmly secures your place in my design queue. :-) (Psst. These spots are filling up fast right now - so do book in early!)

: STEP THREE // Within 24 - 48 hours of receiving your deposit I'll send you my 'Branded eBook questionnaire' which helps me style & create the most crush-worthy eBook design for you.

: STEP FOUR // You return your filled-out 'Branded eBook questionnaire' to me and I'll then issue you with a design timeline (i.e. what I need from you & when), along with a project start date

: STEP FIVE //  Once your project start date has been locked into my diary, I'll set up a time for us to Skype and run over your exact eBook design and style needs. It's on this call that I'll create the vibe of your design from our discussion. x


What's the process look like?

: STEP SIX //  A week before your design date comes around, I'll touch base with you to arrange from you:

- your finished eBook text,
- your brand images (if not using stock photography)
- along with any other requirements you'd like featured & included in your design.

: STEP SEVEN // The design process begins! Because I work with only one client at a time in each fortnight period, the turnaround on your design will be pretty quick from here. You will receive a full first draft within the first week of your scheduled design week.

: STEP EIGHT //  It's here that you review your sparkling new eBook design. :-)  Take a few days to go over it, print it out, make notes and write over it, and once you're happy with your changes, send your revisions and feedback through to me. Once received, I’ll set to work on perfecting and finalizing your eBook design - taking into account your notes and feedback, before I send you a new revised draft for your approval

: STEP NINE //  Once your happy with the finished design, you give me the final approval on your stunning new eBook design.

: STEP TEN // I’ll then design your additional promo graphics along with any add on's we agreed upon. Once everything has been approved and your final payment has been received, a ready-to-use zipped file will be sent over to you so you can launch your eBook with confidence, swagger and in style!


NOTE: Your design timeline + project design date is reserved especially for you. No-one else. You will be required to keep this time aside in your diary to respond to my proofs and questions in a timely manner.


Is this service for me?

It is if you...

: Are launching an eBook for the first time and have no clue how to make it look ah-mazing!

: You want your eBook to scream “value” and “quality” so people are instantly attracted to you

: You’re re-launching an existing eBook and are ready to step it up a notch and hit higher opt-in rates and launch goals

: Have an online business, blog or an online presence and want to grow your subscriber base and following ASAP.

: Have no clue what colourspace, embedding links, font kerning, hyperlinking or ‘optimising image resolution for web publishing’ means (and you've got absolutely no interest in learning!)

: You have an existing eBook that you want re-styled to actually match your brand!

: You are after a professional & prompt service where the focus is solely on you and your eBook

: Don’t have the time, knowledge, tools, interest or patience to design your own eBook that looks totally PRO and attracts your ideal audience like fire-fly's!!


What's my investment?

Investments begin at $497 USD.

- Up to 12 pages (includes front + rear covers) $497 USD
- For 13-24 pages (includes front + rear covers) $695 USD
- For 25+ pages (includes front + rear covers) - lets talk, a custom quote will be required

A deposit of $297 is required to secure your position in my design queue. Payment plans are available if required.

Did you know that my eBook design service is a deductible business expense. :-)


What's your availability?

Only 2 spots are available each month.

When creating your eBook, I work with 1 client at a time - (Yes, seriously! I do this so your project has my whole focus). I design your eBook so it stands out from the crowd, oozes professionalism, and one that you are oh-so proud of! It's time to take your content to the next level!

To get started, click the 'Apply Now' button below.


Stop trying to do it all yourself!
Instead, how about you stay in your zone
and leave the eBook Design to me?






My eBook design will launch your message into the world
- looking sparkling, professional and better than you ever imagined!



I get the ball rolling in 48 hours or less



Looking for a custom template design created so you can make the
modifications yourself - yep, I also do this too! FYI, I create in Adobe InDesign.

Yes, workbooks & slide decks for your eCourse can also be created too - Let's talk!

Do you want your book designed for print, and not as a digital download?
I can also do that too! I'm clever like that! :-)



Your eBook cover design & promo graphics are the
visual connection with your readers


Grab one of my pre-made designs below.

I've done the design for you... all you need to do is insert your images, update the text
and you're good to go!

(Click image above to purchase)

(Click image above to purchase)

$32 (USD)
12 page adobe indesign file
A4 + us sizes

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(Click image above to purchase)

$29 (USD)
10 page adobe indesign file
A4 + us sizes