Can I really download anything?
Yes, absolutely! Download anything in the members area as soon as you join the The Brand Bar Members' Club! You can download as many templates as you like, anytime, anywhere. No limitations — just lots of awesome templates, tech tutorials, how to lessons, and training's.

PLEASE DON'T SHARE any of the content or templates with anyone. As you can appreciate I, and my experts, work extremely hard to bring you these templates and training's. If you have a friend that wants to use the templates or learn from our eCourses, please tell them to take up a subscription themselves - it's super affordable - and they'll also get instant access to everything too!

I've created The Brand Bar Members' Club so you can save time, money and best of all, learn how to easily put together your own marketing materials, brand and build your own online digital space (i.e. website) that lights you up and attracts your dream clients by the dozens.

Why is your pricing so affordable?”
Honestly - I want to help! Yes! It really is that simple! I've seen people charge big bucks ($5,000+) for the teachings and lessons that are inside my membership club, and I want it to be affordable and accessible by everyone.

Check out the current prices here.

I've been branding, designing, marketing and launching online programs and eCourses since 2009 and I'm sick of seeing people (with amazing talents) get 'stuck' or too caught up in perfecting their graphics and online brand that they simply never launch (or their launch is delayed by YEARS!)! Perfection paralysis gets in their way and they stop what they're doing in their tracks.

I'm here to make sure this doesn't happen to you. The Brand Bar is your resource center and your go-to place for help and guidance on all things design and graphics related to your biz.

I should mention too, that the prices you see on the website right now are my introductory prices and should be taken advantage of ASAP! Shortly, I'll be raising the prices to reflect the growing library of content, templates, eCourses and awesome brand guides that are being added. So jump on the discounted early bird prices today!

View the current prices here and enroll today!

PS. Did I mention that whatever price you sign up for you'll get that price for the life of your subscription. Yes, I'm not joking here. So the earlier you join the more money you'll save! It's my way of giving back to those who invest in themselves early! x

Can I pay monthly instead of annually?
Yes, on offer is either a 'pay-by-the-month' or a 12 month membership subscription. We do prefer you to pay annually and reward you by giving you a saving of $245! THAT'S OVER 55% OFF just for doing so! 

You can view the full membership options available here.

How often will you have new templates?
Each month we add a new template pack and we also have guest experts come in and talk to us on a particular topic. I'm also adding new eCourses, tech tutorials and how-to video lessons on a monthly basis as well! 

As The Brand Bar grows, we'll be on the look out for more designers and eCourse contributors so we can deliver more and more digital goodies - based on what YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS are! You let us know when we ask so we can make sure you're meeting your needs.

I'll ask in the private Facebook Group each month what designs and tools you need and I'll get to work creating those resources for you.

Being a member of The Brand Bar Members' Club is like having a personal designer at your fingertips without the designer price-tag! #WINNING!!

What payments do you accept?
We use Stripe to process all payments. You can pay with any major credit card or debit card via stripe. There's no need to even log into an account when paying via Stripe - all you need is your credit card details and Stripe takes care of the rest!

Is my billing info safe?
Yes, Stripe is absolutely 100% safe. Stripe has the very best security features and protection for online payments. I've personally been using Stripe and PayPal in business (and my personal life) for over 7 years.

What if I don’t like The Brand Bar. Can I cancel my membership?
Yes …. you can cancel your membership at anytime you like. While I'll be sad to see you go, I understand that life changes and so do your business needs.

One of the great features about The Brand Bar Members' Club is you get to keep any of the templates you've already downloaded.

My motto is all about adding as much value as I can to help you succeed in business and life. x

What if I sign up and then change my mind? Can I get a refund?
Because you get unlimited access to the The Brand Bar Members' Club Library and all it's resources instantly, there are no refunds given on memberships (under any circumstances).

If you decide the The Brand Bar Members' Club is not for you, simply cancel your membership by going to -> Your Account -> Your Plan(s) > View All Plan Details > Cancel Subscription.

Please have a look at the templates currently in The Brand Bar before signing up to ensure there are templates and lessons inside the members hub are suitable for your needs.

  • Click here to view all the Photoshop & InDesign Templates
  • Click here to view the eCourses and how to tech training.

Or if you have any questions please feel free to send a me a message via here - I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can I try any templates before I join?
Sure thing. Click here to sign up to my free resource library and get access to lots of awesome templates, video lessons and other design goodies! Go ahead and download them and take them for a test drive today! :-) You're welcome! 

What am I allowed to do with your templates and training's?
Please see our Terms Of Use page for more details.


How do I download a template?
Simply browse to the template you want and click on the “Download” button. You will need to be logged into your account to access the download area.

How do I use your templates?
Our templates are very easy to use and come with video and written instructions on how to use them. I'm only an email away too if you do need further assistance.

All Photoshop files can be used with Adobe Photoshop CS2 or higher, CC or Photoshop Elements. User should have working knowledge of layers, clipping masks, text, etc. You will need Adobe Photoshop or Elements to make changes and edit any Photoshop templates. 

All InDesign files can be used with Adobe InDesign CS6 or higher or Creative Cloud. You will need Adobe InDesign to make changes and edit any Adobe InDesign templates.

Any Canva templates can be used with Canva. You will need a Canva account to make changes and edit any Canva templates. We do recommend having Canva for Work, as some features might be restricted if you only have a free Canva account.

>>> If you do get stuck while working on any of my files, I do have video lessons inside the members hub on how to make changes to my templates, plus other commonly asked questions (and I'll be adding more as needed). You can also ask your questions inside the private members Facebook Group.

How do I get your templates printed?
Most of our Photography related templates are designed based on Miller’s Lab specifications. However, you are free to use any printer you like including your home printer. Just make sure you make the necessary adjustments to fit your print labs specifications.

Please make sure you check the templates for proper colors, bleed, safe zones, dpi requirements and fonts before publishing. Little Sweet Designs will not be held responsible for publishing errors on your part. By purchasing and downloading any file from Little Sweet Designs Pty Ltd you accept the terms & conditions.

How do I cancel my membership?

  • Log in to 'Your Account'.
  • Click 'Your Plan(s)'.
  • Click 'View All Plan Details'.
  • Click 'Cancel Subscription' and follow the instructions.

How do I change my method of payment?

  • Please send a message to hello@littlesweetdesigns.com.au with the subject line: Payment Update Required' and I'll be in touch with you with instructions on exactly how to do this.

Where do I find the fonts?
Once you unzip the downloaded file, you will see a file (in each folder) called “readme.pdf” … inside this document you'll find clickable links to where you can download the fonts for free online.

MOST fonts I use are downloaded free from the internet. In some instances (like in my premium logo designs and web/blogging kits) I have used PAID fonts. You don't have to use the paid fonts if you don't want to spend the extra money and you can simply highlight the text and replace it with another suitable font you do have on your system.

If there is no font list simply search for the name of the font online and in most case you can find it for free. OR if that font no longer exists, you can simply replace with another suitable font.

Why can't you give me the fonts?

It's called Font Licensing. When you buy a font or even download a free one, it’s not necessarily yours to do whatever you like with. Always check the license of the font you’re downloading before using it. Usually it will be licensed for personal, commercial, or educational use.

Some fonts have limits on how many times they can appear in print or online or how/if they can be distributed to other parties. Reading your font’s license is a good idea to protect yourself.

Basically, I'm not the owner of the font so it's not mine to share with you. However from a convenience point of view, I do share with you the URL link to find that font so you know which fonts I've used in my designs and so you can use that exact same font on your system. For more info about fonts and my terms and conditions about them, click here.

Do you have any reviews from customers?
Yes, of course! :-) … check out our Testimonials page to read what my clients and other photographers are saying about me and my work! I give you 110% All. The. Time!

Where about's are you located?
I live in the seaside suburbs of Adelaide, Australia. … If your in the area you should let me know - we should totally catch up for coffee (or hot chocolate in my case). I know this really quaint little cafe perfect for a meet up! x

Do you have any questions about The Brand Bar or what's included? Please feel free to send me a message
- I'll get back to you
as soon as I can. x

Your privacy is important to me. I promise not to use your email address for anything other than to communicate directly with you and I will not share it with anyone else.

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