(Here’s a small taste of what you’ll get (and learn!)


INDESIGN - Learn InDesign the easy way! In under 40m infact! I'll show you the 5 KEY steps you need to get started with InDesign today! 

And, once you've done that we'll work through creating lots of items together, think: ... eBooks, eGuides, workbooks, printables, templates, sales and promo materials, media kits, webinar slides, website banners and lots more! Trust me, once you learn InDesign it'll be your goto for just about everything you create for your business!

~ With Sallyann Ralph

SQUARESPACE - Build your website using Squarespace. A branding & blogging eCourse for creative biz owners who are tech-shabby.

Do you wish that designing and building your own kick-ass website could be easy? With Squarespace eCourse "Brand, Build, Blog" - it is!

If you need a website, but don't have the budget to hire it out, this eCourse will walk you through creating your own brand, blog and beautiful website, step-by-step, even if you aren't "techie". 

~ With Ashley Srokosz


As a graphic designer, Etsy Creator, Creative Market designer and online business owner, I know Photoshop is one of the key graphic design platforms to learn.

I've used Photoshop every single day (for the past 15 years) and it’s been a big part of building my business and growing my online presence. 

I also know Photoshop can feel a little daunting when you first get into it, especially with so many tools, palettes, and buttons staring back at you! I also know it’s easy to miss key time-saving steps and simple short-cuts to achieve exactly what you’re trying to create.

My Photoshop eCourse will help you learn to use Photoshop quickly and efficiently, and weed out all the extra stuff that I know you’ll never use.

~ With Sallyann Ralph


I'll show you how to utilize your best marketing assert, email marketing. If you've not got yours working for your biz right now, then this training will be for you! I'll show you how to set everything up correctly, and WHY you need to be using it! I'll even point you in the right direction with content too. I know coming up with content is one of the biggest things that puts people off, but once I show you how to put it all together, you'll wonder why you've not been using it sooner! Trust me - email marketing beats social media - hands down!

PLUS, I've got an extra special bonus for those who want to know how to put together a sales funnel and create sales on autopilot.

~ With Sallyann Ralph

Are you ready for a Brand update? Or perhaps you've not completely developed your brand but really want to! I have a whole stack of new trainings on how to identify what your brand should be (instead of staying stuck). I'll also teach you how to pull it all together, with time-saving templates and guides!

PLUS... a range of
short lessons including:


Need a website, but don't have the budget to hire it out? This course will walk you through creating your own beautiful website, step-by-step, even if you aren't "techie".

This training will help you build a 'coming soon' page and capture email addresses! This lesson will help you capture leads so you have an audience to launch to when your 'doors open'!

Whatever it is you want to know, I’ve got you covered... Each month (and on request), I’ll release ‘how to’ training videos on topics that you want to learn and know about.

Do you need to create a new brand, or perhaps you want to update your existing brand? I'll show you how to do that, even if you've got no-idea where to start or what style you want!

Once you've got your new brand nailed, I'll show you how to create the perfect logo design to match. I cover logo design basics so your logo mark is eye-catching and on trend!

Each masterclass features guest experts walking you through easy-to-implement strategies for you to take action on and use straight away. 'Mindset & Money' ~ Jessica Giles (BONUS Valued at $147)

Learn how to create professional eBooks with my how-to video lessons. I'll show you how to optimize your eBook for lead-generation and how to wow your audience by adding value!

Once you’ve got your products & services in place, it’s time to automate with funnels! I’ll show you the easiest way to do this so you can start taking names & making moo-lah on autopilot.

... And as a Member, you’ll get a say in what new template designs are released and what tech training's you want to learn about. Yes, it’s all about YOU and what you need in business.


Inside The Brand Bar you'll learn step-by-step how to master your technical frustrations and build a stunning website (using the Squarespace platform). And, I'll show you how to make design magic (yes, all by yourself) without ever needing to rely on, or hire a graphic designer again! 

• If you want to design & make live a 'coming soon' page - I've got you covered.
• Want to update your old website or even start afresh and build a new one - yes, I'll totally teach you how to do this too!
• Do you want to learn how to turn a document into a fill-a-ble PDF file - yep, I'll show you how to do this as well!


And tons more…
but I don’t wanna overwhelm you!